Angelija M. Moyao

April 9, 1990 - January 15, 2007
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Amanda left a message on November 20, 2012:
Angie and I were best friends for only a couple years. But they were really the best years. She filled my life with so much laughter and happiness; the real genuine kind. She was one of the most amazing people i ever met. & if I could I would have take that bullet for her. No one deserves the world and all the joy in it more than she deserved it. It's been 5 years and I think about her from time to time and sometimes, especially around the holidays and the winter, I get really sad thinkin about it. I think a lot "what would Angie be like today?" I'm 22 now; 17 then. Angie was 16 but would be 22 now, too. Would we still be inseparable? Would she drink coors light too? Where would she work? And drive? Would we laugh like we did when we were 16? I know we would still be friends. Because good people like her, you don't let them go. I miss her a lot & I don't know why I never signed this to begin with. But I still think about her & I still miss her. I love her more than anything and I hope she knew that because I know I never said it enough & I should have. But I tried to show it and I tried everything I could to be the best best friend she could have. Because he was mine. & you can't replace that. She's in my heart forever and that's where she'll stay. Until we meet again. It's goodbye only for a little while. I love you always Angie
Loandra O'neal left a message on April 22, 2009:
Im sorry you retired Sharolaid, i wish you where back here i miss u already
Billy left a message on April 7, 2009:
I just remembered, Angie! You also loved my Patricia and Monica skit where Monica said she loves Waffle Crisp Cereal! You so loved that. *hugs*
Billy left a message on April 3, 2009:
PART-1 I was kind of close to Angie a few years back, before she had cancer. I always made her laugh with the voices that I did, and she loved the funny comedy videos that I made. She called me "Leles" that was my nickname to her. I remember Angies telling me that she was afraid to die, and I told her don't worry, she'll be fine, just have faith in god, and he'll get her through this. I tried my best to comfort her. I got so busy with my video making and acting hobby in 2006, that I kind of stopped talking to her, and a lot of other people. I thought about her from time, and went online to check, but never saw her around, and didn't think much of it. By the middle of 2008, I tried looking for her again, and couldn't, so I started asking around. I was told she passed away, but I couldn't believe that. I thought nothing of it, and continued doing my thing. Well now, I've retired from my work, and I'm focusing on more important things in life, I went back to check for Angie, still not around... I thought about Angie being gone, but I hadn't talked to her in so long that I didn't really seem to care.
Billy left a message on April 3, 2009:
PART-2 But then, I found old conversations I had with her, and all the memories of her came back, all the things she loved about me, the fun times we had... I broke down and cried, and I never used to cry. I found one of Angie's close friends, and asked her, and she told me the news that it was true, she was really gone, and when she died... I hate that I found this out so late. Her friend told me that Angie always showed her the videos I made on Youtube, so I know even though I wasn't around to talk to Angie, she still thought of me and was happy. What hurts me the most is that I left her, like abandoned her, and I never got to say good bye. I still cry from time to time, and I could never cry so easily before. I never had a friend to die. I wished that Angie would come into my dreams and tell me that it's okay for leaving her alone. I really don't know what else to say, so I'll leave it at this. Good Bye Angie, I'll always miss you, and remember what you loved, this skit I did with the granddaughter and the old lady voice "NO GRANDMA DON'T! YES!!!" remember that? And the "Oh lord bless me! I love theses!" *eats tortilla chips* You loved that Angie. *hug*
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Rebecca left a message on March 31, 2009:
Angie was unique, hilarious, honest, genuine and absolutely precious. I love her very much and I am so sorry for your loss. She will always be remembered.
Danny left a message on April 23, 2007:
She was one full of life and always had something funny to say time and time again there was never a doll time her and I enjoyed it.
Krystal H. (Chambers) left a message on February 2, 2007:
Angie was a great girl and she will be missed very much! My thoughts and prayers are with the family! Lots of Love
Sammy left a message on January 28, 2007:
Angie was a great friend i will never forget her crazy random loving attitude, even though she was hundreds of miles away it felt like she was right beside me in everyway, her memory will be locked in my heart forever. <3 love you Angie Moyao you are one lovley Angel -Sammy<3
Pete Vaughan left a message on January 23, 2007:
My deepest sympathies for the Moyao family.
Amanda Carter left a message on January 22, 2007:
I met Angie only once, but her charismatic personality instantly made me smile. Her strength and joy touched everyone she knew, and I can still see that she is loved by many. I was saddened to find out, too late, that she was a relative of mine. Albeit, distant, but family all the same. The world needs more people like Angie, and the one it had will be dearly missed.
Mindy left a message on January 22, 2007:
<3 We will all see her again someday.
Jamie left a message on January 20, 2007:
I didn't know Angie personally or really at all. All I knew about her was what I heard from Amanda & all wonderful things. When I sent out Christmas cards, I sent 2 to Amanda (one being for Angie). I'm so sorry for your loss. You're all in my prayers.
Willy WONKA AKA STEPHANIE left a message on January 20, 2007:
well i guess all i can say is i loved angie with all my heart....she was to me one of those ppl where you could have lost all your money but becuz she was right there next to you the world didnt seem as dark anymore... I never could remeber her ever being sad or depressed and what amazes me the most is that i bet never once asked why me. She just took her fate and made the best of it as she did all things...I will never forget her and forever and always ill be her Willy wonka (lol a very long story)!<3 to her my and dad smile becuz to be as great as Angie God would have to have wanted you back!
Frank Mizer left a message on January 20, 2007:
Angie was a brite and buetiful individual with a heart of gold. It is such a tragity that the world has lost such a caring person. But is it really a lost? A very close friend of mine lost an infant child. At the funeral. I over heard a person saying that. Good Angels are hard to find and That God needs more Angie is now an Angel watching over all of us
Mommy/Guanita-Dad/Abraham left a message on January 20, 2007:
We would like to thank everyone personally for taking the time to share your thoughts and condolences with us.It is nice to see the people's lives that Angie touched.
Beth Lloyd left a message on January 20, 2007:
Angie was such a beautiful person in every aspect of life. I will miss her very much. I will never forget the times that we had together..all of us. Thank you for being part of my life Angie...and you also Guanita. I love you all..I hope you know that.
Jolene Wetphal left a message on January 19, 2007:
You are in my prayers and thoughtrs at a time like this. She will be greatly missed and she will be loved by everyone she knows.
Amy Parker- Beason left a message on January 18, 2007:
Guanita, I want you to know I am very sorry to hear about Angie, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your famiy.
Justin Moyao-Surber left a message on January 17, 2007:
Angie was like a sister to me in many ways. We had lots of fun while we where growing up together. Angie was a kind caring person to everyone. I will always remember all the thing she help me with. I will always love you even if you are not here to see it. Love your bro Justin Moyao-Surber.
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Trina Surber left a message on January 17, 2007:
My deepest sympathy to you Guanita & Abraham, and the whole family as well. I was truly saddened to hear that Angie had passed. Angie really was a great girl. She was funloving and good spirited and as I remember always loved to laugh. She will be missed by all who loved her. God Bless & Take Care! Trina
Denise Ritter left a message on January 17, 2007:
Kristen Weaver left a message on January 17, 2007:
Words can't express how much Angie influenced my life, and what she taught me. I only knew her for about a year, but she was a really close friend of mine, she will be missed. You are in my prayers and thoughts. Thank you for everything, letting me come over with Amanda. That meant the world to me, to see her those two times. Thank you, and God Bless.
Kelly Foley left a message on January 17, 2007:
Sharing a moment in time with this young lady was a true blessing for me. Her strenghth and spirit has given many the ability to hear the song in her heart. She is an "Angel Daughter" sent to us for a short time and now taken home to the heavens to watch over us. We must remember and never forget the song we heard in her heart to carry us through what ever life may bring. God bless all who loved her. My prayers are with you all.
Pat Walker left a message on January 17, 2007:
Guanita and family, My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you. I am so saddened by Angie's passing. I have only fond memories of her years at Marsh School and especially times she spent with me. I could always count on Angie and missed her a lot when she went on to Middle School. Trish and I always enjoyed the times that she came back to visit. It was good seeing her last year when she was feeling well and surprised us with a visit. Please know that she was loved and will be missed very much. Take good care of yourself. Pat Walker
Bonnie McCartey left a message on January 17, 2007:
I remember Angie in 9th grade. She is a very special young lady,she was always happy and smiling also she has a positive outlook from day to day. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends.
Becky Chambers left a message on January 17, 2007:
Melinda Salas-Barajas left a message on January 16, 2007:
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Geisen Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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