Caregiver Award Winners

Thank You

At Geisen Funeral Homes, we have tremendous respect and appreciation for hospice caregivers, including physicians, nurses, chaplains, social workers, CNAs, administrative professionals, and volunteers. To recognize these dedicated people, we created a Caregiver Award. Each month, we’ll present this award to a caregiver who has been nominated by peers, friends, patients, and families.

We are pleased to announce the recent recipients of the Caregiver Award, who will receive an award and gift card:


January Award Recipient

Joe Bill

Place of Work

February Award Recipient

Barbara Winner

Place of Work

March Award Recipient

Cindy Rain

Place of Work

We count it a privilege to honor these important members of our community and let them know the difference they make in the lives around them.
to find out how you can nominate a caregiver that deserves this award.